What's New Here at Yashanti

Happy New Year 2022

Yashanti is on the move and slowly getting back into the swing of things. Both at our home here in NJ and on the road at dog shows we are a family of pups and people.  Currently prepping for a show ring this spring.

Ruby - Wyndhams Promise me at Yashanti


Last fall we attended a few AKC shows with Ruby and she went on the road for a month to learn the ins and outs of life with a handler.  AKC she has become the queen of the Reserve Winners ribbon but her time will come as she is winning her classes or those that beat her have gone on to win the points, so close! in some nice entries. 

We also attended our first UKC shows this fall where she excelled.  She earned 3 group placements and a Reserve Best in Show.


Pending Results for DM and Myostatin Mutation Gene,

 Tests                                                                                           Results

Myostatin Mutation  


OFA #RegistryRegCodeAppNumResults
WP-ACA1305/18F-VPIAdvanced CardiacACA2333137NORMAL AO/CONG, AUSC/ECHO

Maggi - Mithrils A Million Dreams V FBP at Yashanti


What a joy this little wonder is, she is so independent but forgiving of my grooming blunders, and time on the table learning.  She is an awesome traveler and a great breed ambassador.  She is her father reborn in temperament for sure so easy. Maggi was shown UKC this past fall in the Novice Puppy classes (4-6 Months) and she went in the Best in Show ring each time. She had great time being judged in the classes, her brother was her competition, there were no groups, all winning puppies went to the BIS ring and it was just a joy to be in the ring again and having fun with all the pups that showed. Maggi just turned 6 months and we are doing more UKC shows and prepping for the AKC showring this spring..  


April 2022 Update

Maggi competed in her first AKC Shows in Michigan and won her classes and really enjoyed and grew from the experience.  We will be showing her in more AKC events this spring and summer

She was also shown for 4 shows UKC, She won her classes and best female all 4 days and beat the Champion dog in the last show for the breed!  




Reilly - Duttons Derecho at Yashanti (for those Yellowstone fans out there this would be Beth but since that was not an option we went with the Actress's last name Reilly)  she is as honest and straight forward as the character for which she has been named and is the straight line wind that has blown through our home. Even at 10 weeks she takes no prisoners  LOL and when she is done she is over an out! (they are good when they are sleeping!)



Poodles are pending results on the following testing  and results will be displayed when received 

Test Results Maggie
DMDegenerative Myelopathy  
CAERFormerly CERF      POSTED ABOVE 3/29/2022 
NEWSNeonatal Encephalopathy in Standard Poodles 
PRA-prcdprogressive rod-cone degeneration 
PRA-rcd4Progressive Retinal Atrophy type 4 
VWD type I
Von Willebrand disease 



And Skyy is still here keeping all the pups in line, teaching them the ropes and holding the line on the peaceable kingdom


Update July 19th 2021 

The Return of Yashanti Kennels?


It’s hard to give up or even let go of a dream for a while, but I did. At the time and in that place it was 100% the right decision. I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it again, regardless of how strong the pull part of that world left me the day we said our final good byes and the dog whisper took his place at the rainbow bridge.  My heart just wasn't in it to continue, perhaps it was to do something different.  Kent was so fond of saying "two is twice the work of one and after that it’s just one more" but if that was true then surely 1/2 the team doing the work of the whole team just did not have any appeal.  But he was also at every opportunity toasting “to the good times” and this dream, the Yashanti Kennels dream, my dream was filled with some great times and great friends.


It’s been 3.5 years since Kent passed, I have moved from Georgia to NJ, purchased a home on 5 acres and work the home and the land with lifelong friend, dog enthusiast and partner Mark Snyder.  Slowly it has become apparent that is it time to reopen to book, to a new chapter and see how this story writes itself.  I would be remiss if I did not say a special Thank You to a few people,  First to Chris Faulk who dared to hope that I would one day return to the world of pure bred dogs and he grabbed my kennel name on line and preserved it for me.  Along with this site and all the history behind it.  My most heart felt thanks.  To Mark Snyder who seems to support every whim and fancy from design ideas on the house to doing the "dog thing" once again, you rarely if ever say NO and almost always say how can I help or what do you need me to do...now?  Without you this would not have been possible.  To my friends and family who want to say "Really? Again? but instead say its you, we love you, enjoy"  Thank you. 

Thank all of you that have brought the dream back into focus.


The Plans

8/13/2021 the plans have changed, sometimes the heart cannot do what the head asks of it and vice versa. I need a new direction.  As such the future of Yashanti Kennels may look like a return to the past, going back perhaps to where we started with larger dogs, fewer dogs, and a concentration in learning and working to create well rounded dogs where form follows function and they have the build and the brains to do the jobs that they were meant to do.​


In Standard Poodles we have been honored and asked to grow out a Standard baby and to be her AKC show home.  This is a totally new adventure for us as we have never shown Standards before and this is a whole new level of grooming! But it is a chance to learn.  We will also do UKC which is new for me and will continue with International and AKC. 


We will give Ruby her shot in the ring this fall and I expect that she will do very well. 


We will also be handling a few pups for others, that got a bit behind during Covid or perhaps helping to extend the reach of folks who simply cannot get to all shows with all dogs at all times.   Our set up is always open to those of all ages with a desire to enjoy, engage and learn about the sport of pure bred dogs.  


We will be working with mentoring a new crop of Junior Handlers and I will again pursue my judging credentials. You will find me in the Giant and Standard Schnauzer rings, the Standard Poodle ring, the Whippet, Saluki and on occasion the Irish Wolfhound rings.   So look for us and follow our adventures here on the site   



In the meanwhile, Stay Safe, Call Anytime, and May Your Days Be Blessed and Abundant



Tonto                                    Ruby aka Ru B

 Tonto and Ruby alternatively go by the moniker #BTSD Born the Same Day and they just celebrated their first birthdays                       



Tetley  Yashanti's My Cup of Tea has been placed in a new home with Tori he will be shown on occasion until finished.                                





This is Tori she is either running full out or sleeping there is rarely any in between with this girl She is Yashanti n Nefers Storm Chaser she lives in Maryland with Tetley she is spayed and happy to be a coach potato


Caya a special girl, a "gift" we did not see coming, and who hit us like a Tsunami but for whom we have been charmed since day one and you will be too.  Caya is growing into a terrific saluki pup and is living with Itahouret in Georgia, she is was  trained here at Yashanti.

   Ziva our special girl with a heart of gold.lives with Marks Dad Harold.  She is such a fighter and has come back from multiple AIHA events but as long as she fights we fight with her         

And Tegan  AKA Ruby's Best Friend belongs to my daughter Madison who lives in Philly and visits her on weekends/ Tegan loves to run with Ruby and Skyy

and last but by no means least Kents service dog and all around champion dog  Skyy


December 2016

As most of you know we had to move last year and while it was a great move for the best of reasons we had to part with many of our beloved show dogs and family members.  Luckily they all went to the very best of homes and have had amazing lives this year and.......we continue to enjoy and prosper with new generations of Yashanti offspring forming new kennels and new lines

In whippets we can expect to see things from Ginger this year when we co breed with Misty Yannetta from Mistaya Kennels in Alabama  and Lisa Brown has had her second litter from one of the most titled whippets ever known to us,  Frankie!  she is an amazing dog and her pups are available now so check out the pups page!


Happy New Year to one and all!


Update December 27th 2015

Truly we are blessed with wonderful families and extending our "framilies" of dog owners around the world.  Our Salukis are settling into their new homes and their new life adventures and will likely be out in the show rings again soon. Our adult whippets and our whippet pups have found wonderful and loving homes and will be heading home soon,

It is odd to settle in at night without the pitter patter of feet and stranger yet not to be packing up for shows and grooming and planning for the months to come.  But we leave that now for our kids, and for the wonderful families that are picking up where we left off. 

We will always have a dog or two underfoot.  There will always be one in the bed or at the foot of the bed, always one to walk with me and do some obedience and we will likely get back to doing therapy work with our dogs like we did when we had giants.  Like Chai it will grow old with us, unfettered by the pitter patter of puppy feet, no obligations to show or perform.  It wont know the venom of a competitor that lost to us in the ring and then worse yet lost sight of the camaraderie and sportsmanship of showing dogs.  Our dogs will continue as they began as mans best friend.

Our children, now grown adults in their own rights, will carry on Yashanti if they so choose. So this site will be kept updated for them until such time as they decide to move forward or go a different path.  To all of our dog families we will remain as we have always been, here for you 24/7/365.  Never doubt that.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. To new adventures, to love and life and health. L'Chaim!