What's New Here at Yashanti

Update July 27th 2015 

It is with a heavy heart that I allow you to know that Yashanti kennels has had to make the very difficult decision to part with many of our dogs due to long term implications regarding Kent's  health.   Additionally as all of these dogs live in our home under foot, as part of the family; the presence of these members of our family, while so loved, create a fall hazzard for Kent, we cannot get out and show them as we used to and their care long term as things get more complicated here would also be at risk. If you have any interest in owning any of our adult dogs please contact me directly.

No additional drama is needed.  If you are interested in owning a truly awesome member of our family contact us please and we will begin a process to see if this is the right fit for all involved.  If you are not interested that is fine as well, please do not pass judgement until you have spent just one day in our shoes.  Those who know us know how heartbreaking this decision has been all the way around


Salukis Available (ranging from $1800-$3500, depending on pet or show home)

Ducky 7 year old Bronze Grand Ch Male Saluki extrordinary coursing dog

Atta 5 year old soon to be Grand Ch Female Saluki awesome courser

Sterling 3 year old Ch Male Saluki


Whippets Available (ranging from $750 - $2500) domestic sales only

Dee Jay 7 year old Ch female

Celeste 7 year old show quality female

Toby 4 month old male

Jackson 4 month old male


Maine Coon Cats available $400

Pure white one year old female spayed

Blue Cameo two year old female spayed