What's New Here at Yashanti

Update November 2nd 2015

Earlier this fall I announced that we would be paring way down in dogs, it has been a heart wrenching experience to see my beloved babies head off to other homes, yet at the same time I feel as though we now have new extended family as so far everyone is adapting wonderfully and loving their new lives in their new homes as the center of a new universe. Life goes on we do the very best that we can do with the sadness in our hearts we have created joy and light for others.  We still have several adults available and we are expecting our last litter of pups in the next week or so.  Then we will enjoy our little sprites from afar for a while as we tackle new challenges. If you have an interest in our puppies or our adults please email me at bethblough59@yahoo.com I will do my best to answer your questions and if we dont have what you are looking for we will direct you to others who might be able to assist



October 2015 update.

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that Yashanti kennels has had to make the very difficult decision to part with a number of our adult dogs due to long term implications regarding Kent's  health.   All of these dogs live in our home under foot, as part of the family; the presence of these members of our family, while so loved, create a fall hazard for Kent, we cannot get out and show them as we used to and their daily interaction and exercise with us is less and less as time goes along.  If you have any interest in owning any of our adult dogs please contact me directly.

No additional drama is needed.  If you are interested in owning a truly awesome member of our family contact us please and we will begin a process to see if this is the right fit for all involved.  If you are not interested that is fine as well, please do not pass judgement until you have spent just one day in our shoes.  Those who know us know how heartbreaking this decision has been all the way around

We have male Saluki's all Champion or Grand Champions and all Heath Tested. We have a 5 year old female Saluki.

We have a year old female whippet available show quality but never shown. WE ahve a 6 month old male whippet show quality

Thank you for your interest in Yashanti and we hope your pups delight for years to come



Maine Coon Cats available $400

Pure white one year old female spayed

Blue Cameo two year old female spayed